mission Jumpstart BioDevelopment successfully moves development candidates out of the laboratory, over the IND, and into phase 1 and proof of concept trials with a virtual team.

founder MJ Whitehouse MD has 14 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, is a UCSF trained physician, board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology.  Dr. Whitehouse combines active listening with a "make-it-happen" mentality, broad knowledge development, and expertise in clinical medicine.

services Jumpstart provides project leadership or strategic consulting services related to early development of small molecules and biologics to venture backed companies.  JumpStart integrates development information across disciplines (pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, analytical chemistry, formulation development, manufacturing and clinical development) and key elements (Product, Plan, People,Patents and Process). 

strategic consultation: Review of development plan, protocols,investigative brochures, IND with recommendations to CEO/BOD.

project leadership: Create the target product profile with input from key clinical opinion leaders and scientists; develop the initial development plan, project timeline, and budget for years 1-3; assemble a virtual core development team to achieve initial milestones; select and manage vendors; reports to CEO/BOD; as needed, assist with fundraising and recruitment of key members of management team.